The new Science Studios at Pioneer Works, a center for art, experimentation, music, and now science in Red Hook, Brooklyn, brings in world renowned scientists for large audiences in live spirited conversations, such as the Scientific Controversies series. Scientists also visit the science studios for targeted hand-selected workshops on Astrophysics, Mathematics, Genetics, and other forefront scientific fields.

We are looking for a New York-based creative producer for a series of science-themed podcasts and media projects in collaboration with Pioneer Works's director of science, the cosmologist and author Janna Levin. Significant content has already been recorded and awaits creative structure.

The position is for a contractor at the moment, but could well become a full-time permanent position, and pay is competitive.
We are looking for a producer with original vision who is excited about the untapped creative potential for science-themed content. 

Preferred qualifications:
• 5-7 years experience in the audio production space, with an emphasis on productions other than two-ways.
• Soup-to-nuts experience from conceiving to producing to launching a narrative audio program.
• Experience with sound design, though does not need to be a sound designer.
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