Hello! Thank you for finding us. At the moment, we are pausing our acceptance of fellows.

If you would like to apply so we have your information on hand, please feel free to do so and we'll notify you as soon we have openings. We do read these as they come in. [Updated 10/25/2021.]

Plympton is seeking a handful of Literary Fellows to assist with curating and summarizing award-winning short stories for an online database. 

We're looking for literature-lovers and avid readers, especially readers excited about the potential for short-form works. Diverse reading tastes are highly encouraged — science fiction, horror, mystery, thriller, fantasy, literary. This is an excellent paid opportunity for anybody looking to jump-start a career in publishing, and anyone who also loves television and movies. (One of our earlier Plympton literary fellows is now an assistant editor at W.W. Norton!)

The fellowships pay hourly. Hours are flexible, as we have over 1,000 stories to read and summarize. And the work (obviously) is remote. Though even without COVID, it would still be remote!

Our short story summary work is already under way, though there will likely be varying levels of work and time commitment depending on the phase of the project. The responsibilities will naturally be reading-based: searching for noteworthy shorts, close-reading pieces with an eye for our database as a whole, and collaborating with other Literary Fellows throughout the curation process. 

If you want to participate in the collection but don't necessarily want to commit to in-depth reading, you're welcome to suggest stories you think deserve to get promoted. Shoot us a message at atlas@plympton.com!

This is the form to apply for Plympton's editorial roles. You should have arrived here by direct referral from someone. If that is not the case, please email sylvanus@plympton.com and tell us about yourself. 

Plympton is seeking a handful of Cover Designers to create covers for fiction and nonfiction shorts in the New York Public Library's permanent digital collection.

The ideal candidate is a literature-lover with extensive graphic design experience. Creativity and unique artistic styles are highly encouraged. Artists should be able to read a story or nonfiction piece and design a cover that aligns with the tone, atmosphere, and general feel of the work.

This is an excellent opportunity for anybody looking to build an artistic portfolio and jump-start a career in publishing or the visual arts. Artists are paid per completed cover.

Work will begin at the start of 2017 and will continue into summer. Designers work remotely and hours are flexible, though there will likely be varying levels of work and time commitment depending on the phase of the project.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message at hello@plympton.com!